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Q. Who’s eligible to overtime?

Resolved outside selling representative class action lawsuit for $FIVE million after suggestions the company unlawfully deducted income and didn’t protect enterprise costs.

A seminar involving the WHD rep and staff of the company, where the study method is described.

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How exactly to Survey Unpaid Salaries and Re-Cover Back Pay

Q. How do you show the quantity of moment invested doing off-the-time compensable activities?

What are Floridas overtime regulations?


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Do I have to wait until we leave this job before we declare overtime?

Government, express, or local government agencies


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A. Most likely not. It is the employers duty to control the job. If an company doesn’t wish operate to become executed, it should prohibit it or avoid it from occurring. Failing to request overtime is normally not a security regarding an employer in a FLSA event.

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