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Regrettably, it is widespread for businesses to misclassify personnel, deeming them exempt when they should be eligible for overtime pay. In the event that you frequently function over 40 hours each week without getting overtime spend, you ought to check with an attorney. You may be entitled to obtain back pay related to your overtime. The attorneys at Mays & Kerr might help you recuperate your overtime pay plus damages.

Attorneys Fees

“Halting the Clock”

Not spending you regarding mandatory functions, like training sessions and gatherings.

Providing you with compensatory time (a.k.a. comp moment, or time off) to make up for overtime hours that youve put in. (Just governmental organisations can perform this. If its a private business, they are needed to compensate your overtime time using dollars, not timeoff.)

The workplace doesnt purchase all-hours worked. Period spent employed by the benefit of your company no matter whether you’re to the businesses premises is known as compensable period and may be compensated. Examples of compensable period incorporate time invested:

Particular investigators.

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Most employees that are misclassified as exempt from overtime are white collar workers that are classified under one of the FLSAs three white-collar exceptions. Employees that are told they are exempt may well not problem the actual fact. Lots of people wrongfully presume that if they are paid on the wage in place of hourly, chances are they are exempt from overtime. It is legitimate that exempt staff must certanly be paid on the pay of atleast $455 per-week rather than hourly, but this earnings foundation check is onepiece of the overtime exemptions. There are further conditions which should be present for every FLSA exemption for an employee to become precisely classified as exempt:

Whenever working with overtime salary guidelines, you have to be aware of the proper place to record a claim; an overtime attorney is knowledgeable in the subtleties of submitting states. There additionally could possibly be law of disadvantages issues that an overtime attorney knows. By dealing with an overtime attorney you possibly can make sure that your promises will soon be in conformity with what overtime pay regulations demand.


INCHSkilled personnel” relates usually for the conventional professions, including teaching, in the place of the hardware arts or skilled-trades.

There is an intricate exam to determine whether anyone fall under both classification, but guidelines several basic kinds of individuals which can be regarded exempt:

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